Expert Property Care

We are passionate about meeting our clients’ and customers’ needs. The Expert Property Care established client-base has developed progressively and consistently by fulfilling service demands.

We take our legal (including statutory duties), social and environmental responsibilities seriously; whether health and safety compliance, waste disposal or asbestos related issues. We employ competent and dedicated staff and seek fair market-rate profit margins to help sustain all that we do and also achieve our longer-term business plans.

Our Staff

Our enthusiastic staff are motivated, trained and rewarded for their performance helping ensure service delivery outcomes meet the needs and expectations of each and every client and customer.

We are only as good as the people we employ; they are our most important asset. Their know-how, ideas and dedication guarantee successful outcomes for our clients and customers alike.

We place great emphasis on employee education, training and continued professional and personal development. One of our key objectives is that all our staff achieve their potential. The Expert Property Care award winning services demonstrate the commitment of the entire team to being:-

  • Proactive,
  • Customer focussed,
  • Industry standard accredited.


Our goal is not only total client and customer satisfaction but also personal recommendation. With tailored communications throughout the entire service performance we measure our delivery outputs with an emphasis on the quality of our communication efforts.

We are a continuous improvement company that uses its customers’ opinions to improve and define our strategies. Customers are encouraged to give feedback which is used to match expectations with actual experience as well as prioritising what is important. This helps us continually improve the service delivery as well as focussing on operational issues. Our clients’ and customers’ views help us:-

  • Identify staff who ‘go that extra mile’
  • Intelligence gathering process enhancements
  • Seek recognition for further awards of business, accreditation and reputation


Inward investment has ensured that we can apply our winning formula to every sector; see our ‘Services’ section listing our delivery range.

Clients and customers alike can be comforted that service does not stop once works are completed. It can be that post-completion ‘snagging’ or ‘niggles’ can manifest. We provide expert care and attention to detail. Our support solutions include:-

  • 12-months workmanship support guarantee at no cost
  • Intelligence gathering process enhancements
  • Emergency response availability for clients previously served
  • Annual maintenance programs


Expert operate an ethical and responsible code of practice regarding environmental wellbeing.

We encourage our staff, suppliers, partners and clients to help pursue best environmental practices. Expert comply with and endeavour to exceed the requirements of all environmental legislation and develop methods to minimise the impact on our planet and wellbeing. We promote recycling where feasible and most notably seek to minimise the effects of:

  • Asbestos
  • Waste Management
  • Energy efficiency shortcomings