An Expert Division

Engagement in the Housing sector was the foundation of our business with our client base now extending to Local Authorities and private landlords.

Dealing with reactive repairs, planned maintenance, asset management, disabled adaptions, kitchen & bathroom programmes, dilapidations, refurbishments and general building repairs support.

Our SERVICES range caters for

Routine Repairs

Insurance Damage

Emergency Repairs

Housing Disrepair & ECO3

Urgent Responses

Maintenance Term Contracts

Change of Tenancy/Voids

Major Works

Social Housing

Teams of Client Managers and Administrators assist in the support of repair and improvement requirements, providing surveys, quotations and project management in addition to prioritised categories of works based on response needs through to the ‘void’ programmes.

We are regular service support providers fulfilling reactive repairs, asset management and void refurbishments. Since we began trading we have met the repair needs and refurbishments to many thousands of properties.

Our reputation and brand are well-established in the sector. Our governance and compliance are robust for any procurement vetting and accreditation demands.

Local Authorities

Built on our reputation of being reliable and capable in the Social Housing arena our client base has extended to supporting Local Authorities across their asset portfolios, which includes an array of structures, domestic, commercial and amenity facilities.

At Expert we regularly perform works too, in and on: –

• Civic Buildings & Centres
• Libraries
• Parks
• Community Centres
• Schools
• Communal Areas

Housing Disrepair

A surge in disputes between Landlord and Tenants arising from existing and forthcoming changes in legislation results in the need for qualified and competent contractors able to attend to tasks at a fair-rate based on the plaintiff and defendant representative’s consensus on the scope of works.

The immediacy from the support of a trusted partner is the best way to deliver the needs and mitigate pressure on annual budgets. Reactive efforts support and complement routine planned and unplanned maintenance programmes for housing stock.

Dealt with effectively and efficiently (and ideally pro-actively) this can result in longer-term tenancies from supportive occupants aiding and increasing the value of the stock. We support responsible Landlords aiming to ensure they meet with the latest expectations.

Cavity Wall Insulation

It is widely reported that many issues have arisen from the recent initiatives intended to enhance thermal efficiency in housing stock. Incorrect installations have meant negated Co2 intended benefits resulting in the need to completely remove or replace insulation material.

We support the process of evaluation and how to best address the issue as well as dealing with any internal mould and decorative related problems in both privately owned and social housing stock.

The outcome accommodates satisfied customers who achieve reduced utility costs as well as an enhanced emission performance, compliance and stock value.


Working with surveyors who evaluate home energy efficiencies (and potentially access grant funding) is an innovate method to support landlords upgrading their premises to the latest standards and enhance the value of their stock. The benefits outweigh the cost and the impact on the environment.

By installing the latest insulation and other thermal enhancements complemented by upgraded boilers, thermostats and lighting we contribute towards sustainability objectives and targets.

Added value is gained from tenants achieving lesser fuel costs and helping their own carbon footprint reductions. Asset enhancement in performance and regulatory compliance helps the contributions toward the nation’s targets on emissions.