An Expert Division

We undertake business-to-business renovations, improvements and new-build works for a wide range of commercial properties from our two depots.

Added issues and complexities often arise when dealing with remedial work in an occupied building (or if there are continuing visitors) and the impact on health and safety considerations, sustaining operations and revenue.

Successful Planning

We work closely with all partners to the contract to minimise any prospective reduction in turnover or loss of rent. Sustained communication throughout the project to client, customer and any intermediary is critical to a successful plan.

Supporting Relationships

Tenants can be assured of minimised impact on their business and comforted by shared communication. Neighbours also are within our consideration, not just for legal reasons, but to help support relationships.

We have vast EXPERIENCE dealing with

Office Fit-outs & Adjustments

Factory Premises Reconfigurations

Shop Fitting Adaptations

Industrial Units

Shopping Centre Refurbishments

Farm Buildings

Our Clients

We are trusted by a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across the public sector, private sector and local government, delivering reliable, capable and quality solutions.

Our speciality is forging a team ethic with any nominated Chartered Surveyors or Project Managers. Our know-how achieves the confidence in the project being fulfilled to the desired timeline and quality.

Some of our clients seek annual support contracts and other individual small or larger projects.


Time is money: delivering an output in a timely manner is evermore critical to the commercial sector.

Over 150 directly employed tradespersons are trained, motivated and committed. This allows us to plan projects with complete confidence and control; particularly helpful to support any prospective financial impact such as loss of rent or business interruption often relevant to commercial works.

Many commercial projects require continuous work to minimise the otherwise irretrievable loss of turnover. Accelerating plans using our direct labour-force will mitigate financial impositions.

Contract & Tendering

Our safe and efficient sites deliver high-quality outcomes on time, to specification and barring the unexpected, to budget.

We are familiar with an array of industry standard contract terms and conditions which are supplemented by our commitment to providing workmanship warranties.

Major works are often tendered and our quality surveyors are expert at maximising our success rate.


Advanced quality assurance certification blended with the core values of being reliable and capable have earned our Commercial Division an enviable reputation for delivering large or small-scale repair projects on time, with both efficiency and professionalism.

We pride ourselves on the frequency and scale of compliments we achieve by successfully delivering consistency. Works are guaranteed. All clients and customers can be assured that there are always clear lines of communication.

The quality of service delivery (the Expert model) has led to many repeat contract awards reducing establishment/commencement lead times and tendering processes.