All of our PROCEDURES are under continual review

Work Demand Surge, Disaster Recovery &  Business Continuity Statement.


Our Company recognises the need to ensure that our business and the services provided by the business to our Clients continue to operate seamlessly in emergency and other abnormal situations, whether these are of a man-made nature, e.g. exceptional surge in demand for our services by our current clients or if natural in original e.g. epidemic/pandemic situations, extreme weather, fire, explosion, bomb threat, floors etc. in relation to our own premises to those of our client’s where our service interact or on the public highways where our vehicles are in continual operations.

We see business continuity as being the combination and culmination of a range of different but related processes and procedures, including disaster recovery, business continuity, emergency preparedness, testing and response which already exists within our documented integrated management system and particularly within our Procedures Manual.

The processes/procedures essential for compliance with our policy are set out in the following separate documents (that can be provided on request to interested parties):-

• Business Continuity Plan (BCP);
• Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP);
• Surge Plan;
• Succession Policy /Plan;
• Supported generally by the business process procedures set in our Quality Business and Environmental (ISO 9001 compliant) documented management systems;
• Through the collection of the above policies, system and procedures, we believe that we are also committed to and comply with the applicable requirements of the voluntary standard BS EN ISO 22301 – Societal security – Business continuity management systems (replaces previously listed BS 25999)

All of our procedures are under continual review and planned periodic review i.e. annual management review and 6month statutorily and regulatory compliance checking as part of our management systems implementation and are updated as and when necessary in line with feedback from our own system and staff.

This policy will be reviewed annually as a minimum and if necessary, reviewed and revised at other appropriate times in the light of circumstances, legislative, regulatory or organisational changes and through the operation of this policy, we aim to achieve continual improvement in our business continuity and disaster recovery planning and implementation management performance.